Due to the human mobility in the world that has increased with globalization, we need to learn about the cultures and living conditions of different countries as well as learning about our own cultures. Our project is also starting from this idea of ​​Turkey and the Arctic countries known as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland in our age group (14-16 years) students, we want to bring our friends together on a social platform. In this platform, we aimed to communicate with each other, share our perspectives on global problems and learn about each other’s cultures. For this, we designed our site with forum, blog, and chat sections. Through the events shared here, we will be able to interact with our friends from different countries, conduct research, and exhibit the products we have prepared together.

In the forum section of our site, 2 (two) new topics will be opened every month and we have a total of 18 events. The activities we plan to do in our project will cover 9 (nine) months. Student groups to work together will share the projects they have prepared jointly in the time given under the new event announced on the forum, and in this way, other participants will have the opportunity to examine each project. Besides, the most liked and academically successful project will be published on the blog page with the like button under each shared activity.

Northernfriendship platform, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share; In short, it was founded to feel and be a part of the most exciting learning community in the world.